Hair Extensions

EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ are a game changer. With a superior technology, EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ combines the speed of a tape-in, with no glues or adhesives, and the look and feel of a strand-by-strand taking hair extensions to a new level of quality and performance.

EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ installs in less than one hour and there is no prep work or adhesive removal when reinstalling. When you combine the highest quality 100% Remy cuticle hair with new technology and new techniques, it makes all the difference. The secret is in the unique Connection Base which lays completely flat and putting no stress on the hair. The special Connection Points are beveled with a double rounded edge to prevent damage.

EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ are available in 20 colors including 16 basic shades and 4 blends.

The evolution of hair extensions has arrived.

Scott Broome is certified stylist for Cinderella hair extensions utilizing 100% human hair in an amazing array of colors and texture.

Cinderella hair employees an organic protein bonding method, which is comfortable and not harmful to the condition of your hair. Cinderella hair produces a formulated bond remover of your extensions.

Hair extensions can also be used to add volume to your hair or create vibrant flashes of color and highlights without coloring your hair.

Cinderella Hair extensions are cuticle correct, the softest and silkiest pre-bonding hair. This prevents the cuticle from fraying and split ends appearing, leaving you with healthier hair extensions with the ultimate shine 

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